Evaluation Resources for COVID-19 Response

Evaluation Resources for COVID-19 Response

Evidence from past crises provide important lessons on what worked and why and can be a useful guide to address the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The lessons database

The lessons database provides a vital source of information on what worked, what did not and why in ADB operations since 2010. When applied, these lessons have the potential to improve business processes, better the use of resources, and enhance development effectiveness.


Featured Lessons Synthesis

Featured Lessons

  • Project implementation highlights the importance of increased accountability and ownership by all stakeholders in achieving the project’s intended… read more

    Project Name: Agrarian Reform Communities Project II
  • Annual audited project financial statements covering only the physical implementation period may not capture all project-related expenses and loan… read more

    Project Name: SASEC Second Bangladesh-India Electrical Grid Interconnection Project
  • Appropriate monitoring of project activities promotes timely project implementation and accuracy of project cost variations. It provides an… read more

    Project Name: Phuoc Hoa Water Resources Project